An Empire of Great Machines and Gears (Demo)

by Immortal Orchestra



Follow the poor into their dangerous world of drudgery. It is in the great factories of the industrial revolution where Orphans are adopted as workers, and soot indiscriminately coats every surface, from the purest white to the lungs of the grunts who turn the wheels in the name of manufacturing. Feel the blistering heat of steam and boilers and behold the dark and terrible marvel that is the Empire of Great Machines and Gears.


Within this hall of brick and brass
Accented with oil
The walls and smoke constrict my mind
Through my daily toil

(Chorus) Countless souls were lured here With fortune in their hearts Into this church of madness From which none shall depart

I fear this shall be my last task
An undertaking to the grave

(Chorus repeat)

Blast furnace; The mouth of hell
I am to feed the beast
Powering massive machines
The genesis of nightmares

An endless filthy, blackened rain
Of ash and soot expelled From smokestacks
piercing heaven
Rising from this hell

Suffocate from the ashen breath of mortal machines
Enshroud the earth in a man made darkness

Turn the gears
Hear the screams
An empire built on the limbs of orphans

Within the heart of the empire
Surrounded by a maze of claustiphobic alleys
A grand cathedral overshadows all
Billowing smoke and churning out misery

The necrosis of the earth for the progress of man
An ever expanding tumor now aided by my hand

(chorus repeat)


released February 3, 2014
Henry Guimaraes: Composition
Philip Temkin: Lyrics



all rights reserved


Immortal Orchestra Weston, Florida

We are the cawing of the crows that sit atop the leafless trees, and the morose beating of the wings of skulking vultures. We are the grandeur of the greatest cathedral and the humility it conveys. We are the storms that comfort you in your darkest hour, blotting out the hideous, mocking sun. We are the laudanum in your hand and the absinthe in your throat. We are the Immortal Orchestra. ... more

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